Goro mine


The Goro plateau is one of the major areas of lateritic New Caledonia. It consists of oxidized ores of two categories:

  • Lateritic ore (upper profile), richer in iron oxides.
  • Saprolite ore (lower profile), or magnesium-silicate mineral.

Ore mining on the Goro plateau is made in a open pit mine, worked “in seats.” The first phase of the operation of the mine began in 2003 with the work of the mining exercise and pit pre-production to prepare the mine to the commercial phase.

15 meters of rock called “sterile” must be stripped before the excavators encountered layers yellow laterite and saprolite containing the analytes: nickel and cobalt.

The extracted ore is sent to the processing unit where it is prepared.

Mine Vale New Caledonia is in accordance with its operating permits Classified Installations for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE), particularly with the implementation of the Operational Plan for Water Management Area (Poges).