Community Relations

Relations Communautaires en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Composed of eight persons, our service of Community Relations divides his time between working in the field to meet the people of the Deep South, industrial and Noumea site. Days of meetings, listening, dialogue, reflection, but also implementation and monitoring of projects. Mediator, conciliator structuring projects to specific actions, the Community Relations Service maintains the link between industry and stakeholders.

Our purpose? Inform neighboring populations of the site on the progress of the industrial activity of Vale New Caledonia while developing joint projects.

Citizens sites

Since 2006, Vale New Caledonia has implemented “Building Citizens”, in collaboration with the Council Customary Drubea Kapumë and the Southern Province.

A budget of 150 million CFP (1.9 million USD) is hired by Vale New Caledonia three years.

This program helps fulfill the community service projects in the chiefdoms of the area and train young tribal beneficiaries of the program. Over 10 citizens projects completed over seventy young people participated and two thirds of them have subsequently integrated additional training and / or have found a job.

Example projects:

At Yate: the construction of a communal kitchen and a toilet block has trained 10 young trainees in the building trades.
At Goro: 9 young renovated the “common house”.
At Ouen Island: 13 young people participated in the renovation of the church Ouara (historic monument in 1993 and damaged by the cyclone Erica in 2003).
On the Isle of Pines: renovation of the common house Wapan which has trained six students of the tribe in the building trades and construction of the church Touéré.
At Mont-Dore:  building a study room, renovating a kitchen in the common home of St. Louis and the construction of a toilet block for the leadership of the tribe of the design.