Social Responsability and Environment

Vale in New Caledonia has adapted to this environment.

Sustainability of our business necessarily involves respect for the environment, a dialogue with neighboring communities, capacity building and participation in local development. This is one of the first conditions for the success of such an industrial project.

An approach based on consultation and co-governance

Three principles govern our commitment:

  • Preserve and restore the natural environment, in consultation with the people and stakeholders.
  • Contribute, in close collaboration with local public and private actors, the structure and growth of local economies.
  • Accompany sociocultural impacts. Our responsibility is to ensure industrial dialogue and consultation with local communities, as the economic development often leads to changes in the socio-cultural level.

Based on our philosophy and our standards, several measures have been implemented for the duration of the project, environmental and societal issues. They always leave a prominent place in consultation and co-governance.

The environmental approach of Vale in New Caledonia

This approach to biodiversity conservation is applied to all phases of the project since its inception. It is the thread of the Convention for the conservation of biodiversity and includes:

  • First: avoid as much negative effects in several options design choice made possible as a result of botanical inventories and preliminary impact studies;
  • Minimize and mitigate the effects and / or wax;
  • Restore as soon as possible all the fingerprints areas;
  • Finally, when the above measures have been taken, it is inevitable decompensation residual effects.