The Prony port

A port of 14 hectares

The main informations about the Prony port are:

  • 1 freighter dock (which receives the bulk raw materials ): 177 meters long
  • 1 platform for handling general cargo and bulk liquid : 87 meters long
  • 2 tugs and mooring star
  • 1 ferry for transporting employees from Noumea

The location of the port in the Bay of Prony takes into account the proximity of industrial site and the depth of the bay. Its design meets international standards with particular attention to safety and the environment.

Traffic in production

Annual traffic generated by the activity of Vale New Caledonia represents two ship calls per week .
For imports : the annual volume is estimated at nearly 2 million tons of dry bulk (sulfur, coal and limestone) and liquids ( LPG and heavy fuel oil ) . The dock merchandise deal over 9000 containers per year .
For export : raw materials are transported from the port to the plant by a conveyor belt 3 km long .

4500 containers of nickel and cobalt will be exported annually at full capacity .

Marine Emergency Plan

With regard to the handling of hazardous materials and oil , a PUM ( Marine Emergency Plan ) has been developed and the necessary equipment is available on site.

Phytosanitary Measures

Vale in New Caledonia has developed a plan to control and monitor the introduction of alien species against the importation or transit of materials and equipment on the site. Prevention plan , inspection and monitoring aims to stop the introduction of alien species through the control of goods at the port of origin and at the reception Prony port .

Port staff was aware of the plan of intervention to detect the presence of pests and to take measures for containment or quarantine , extermination and monitoring in relation to phytosanitary authorities.

This plan uses the phytosanitary services New Caledonia which implements the response plan to control the introduction of alien species in all the ports of New Caledonia.

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