Vale in New Caledonia is an ore mining company (limonite and saprolite) and production of nickel and cobalt, located in the South of New Caledonia. The industrial complex, called the Deep South plant includes:


  • Footprint of the project: 1 900 hectares
  • hydrometallurgical plant
  • Refinery, auxiliaries and leaching

1 bulk carrier platform 179 meters long and 1 cargo dock for a length of 87 meters
4500 containers of nickel and cobalt will be exported annually

1 Central Electric operated by Prony Energies subsidiary Enercal
2 units of 50 MW for the one public network and the other to power plant

Nursery 500,000 plants per year

Camp 4000 beds

3 000 employees which includes 1 350 VNC employees